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Mandalay, the second largest city and former capital of Myanmar was founded by King Mindon in 1857. It is where Myanmar’s economic and religious activities took place and right at the city center is the famous Mandalay Palace – one of Mandalay points of interest which was destroyed during the World War II but was eventually rebuilt in the 1990’s. Today, our Mandalay travel blog will show you the city’s hidden charms and why it is still one of Asia destinations you should visit.

Mandalay Hill

Mandalay travel blog

The 760-feet Mandalay Hill is a famous city attraction that always tops numerous Mandalay travel blogs. It is the city’s famous landmark and a crowd favorite for its picturesque sunrise and sunset views. It is advisable to go in the morning as fewer tourists come early so if you want to avoid the crowd, put this at the top list of your Mandalay travel itinerary, set your alarm and be ready to take a photo of the incredible sunrise.

Mandalay Palace

Mandalay travel blog

Due to the damage done by the World War II, it took more than 40 timber buildings to reconstruct the Mandalay Palace – one of the Mandalay attractions to include on your itinerary. It has a spiral watchtower you can climb up to for a general view of the palace. When you pass by the palace loop road, you will see the tomb of King Mindon, a huge drum tower with more than 600 inscriptions. However, visitors are not allowed to go near the tomb.

Near the palace oval is a cultural museum which displays an intriguing exhibit of the luxurious, four-posted bed of King Thibaw – the last king of Burma’s Kon Dynasty.

Mahamuni Paya

Mandalay travel blog

Mahamuni Paya is one of the places to visit in Mandalay as it is the top Buddhist temple in the city. Many devotees come to worship the 13-feet tall Buddha that is believed to be more than 2,000 years old. You can read about the Buddha’s history – how it was seized and dragged back to the city – by visiting the gallery located northeast of the Buddha. Inside are displays of a series of 1950’s paintings that will tell you the Buddha’s history.

Shwe In Bin Kyaung

Mandalay Travel Blog

Different from the usual Burmese aesthetic seen in the city’s monasteries, the Shwe In Bin Kyaung is a unique and utterly beautiful monastery made from carved wood. In 1895, it was commissioned by affluent Chinese jade merchants and has tree-trunk poles and roof cornices which are covered in detailed engravings.

Jade Market

Mandalay travel blog

A lot of people who travel love visiting local markets to buy fresh produce, local food and merchandise. But for our Mandalay travel blog, we will not be featuring a market where food is the main star.

Jade is a big business in Myanmar which is why one of the Mandalay tourist places is Jade Market. It’s a market for dealers who want to make a trade and also for tourists who want to witness how the business happens and the art of making these precious gems. It’s not every day you get to witness craftspeople polishing, cutting and haggling jade. It feels like a scene from another era – something you don’t often experience nowadays.

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