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A trip to Thailand is always a hit because it’s a beautiful and relatively affordable country. There are a lot of fun things waiting for you especially in leading island destination for Thailand holidays, Koh Samui. Although this island is known for its luxury resorts, there are still a lot of ways to save some bucks like airlines that offer cheap flights to Koh Samui for both Thailand domestic flights and international direct flights to Thailand. There are also a lot of fun things to do that won’t break the bank. Check out this guide for Thailand holidays Koh Samui edition.

  1. Visit the famous Big Buddha temple

There’s a reason why this is the most famous and well-known landmark in Koh Samui. The Big Buddha temple is magnificent. It beautifully stands 12-meter tall made of gold. This gigantic statue is the first thing you’ll notice when you arrive at Koh Samui and you can admire it from afar, an up close visit is still an unforgettable experience. One cannot go to Koh Samui and not pay the Big Buddha a visit.

  1. Visit interesting rock formations

Koh Samui boasts pride of being blessed by Mother Nature. From the glittering blue beaches, fine white sand and beautiful tropical fauna, Koh Samui is a nature’s work of art. But sometimes nature takes art in a whole new level. One of the most famous attractions of Koh Samui is a rock formation mimicking interesting objects. Some people find its resemblance to the male and female genitalia comedic but you cannot deny it is still a landmark worth visiting.

  1. Swim down at Na Muang Waterfalls

Koh Samui is famous for its beaches so people often look past two nearby waterfalls that can be found in the island. Na Muang 1 flows into a small natural pool open for public swimming while Na Muang 2 is further uphill with a stunning view of the waterfall in all its grandeur. The falls are free of charge so it’s definitely a stop you should consider if you’re planning a budget trip to Thailand. Several stalls can also be found along the path leading up to the waterfalls.

  1. Admire marine life at Samui aquarium

As part of its island culture, Koh Samui takes pride in its abundant marine life. The island even pays homage to their fishing culture. While aquariums can be found anywhere in the world or other Thailand destinations, Samui Aquarium is a cut above the rest because of the aquarium is designed to look like old fishing villages. As you take a tour of the place, you will learn more about the local marine life. This is perfect for family tourists.

  1. Watch the Ladyboys at Chaweng Beach

If you’re up for an unforgettable performance check out the shows of The Ladyboys. If you happen to be near Chaweng Beach, go for a lighthearted show where the ladyboys lip sync pop music in colorful and elaborate costumes.

  1. Escape the crowd at Secret Buddha Garden

Beaches and establishments can be too crowded at times especially during peak season. To really enjoy your holiday, it’s nice to escape the crowd sometimes and go somewhere quieter and really appreciate what Koh Samui can really offer. One hideaway spot is the Secret Buddha Garden tucked inside the forest. It started out as a personal project on a private land but now it is an attraction worth a visit.

  1. Go diving

It’s practically a sin to visit Koh Samui and not see its marine wonders. Because of the island life and tourist demand, there are plenty of certified diving instructors in the area. Make the most out of the Gulf of Thailand diving scene. The ideal diving spot is a few kilometres from the island so you’re in it for a boat experience as well. Diving with certified instructors is perfectly safe and advisable even for beginners.

  1. Visit the Fisherman’s Village

Koh Samui has a nice little fishing village called Bophut. It’s quieter than the beaches so you can enjoy a laid back afternoon in one of the cafés and truly experience the local island life. There are also plenty restaurants and stalls in the area to try fresh local food.

  1. Go for a hike at Elephant Rock

Before you get confused seeing it looks nothing like an elephant, the rock formation is named after the size not the appearance. Located between Chaweng and Lamai beach, the peak of this rock formation has a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Thailand. It’s a visit worth the hike (and all the sweat).

  1. Go for a marine park adventure

By going on a boat ride from the coast of Koh Samui, you can visit the Ang Thong Marine National Park. It is an archipelago made up of 42 tiny islands. It has a lot going on such as mountains, jungles, coves, beaches, lakes, and waterfalls. You can rent a tent and camp for the night if you’re feeling extra adventurous. The archipelago is also home to different exotic species. If you’re in Koh Samui, it’s a trip you can’t miss!

If you’re pumped up to try out these things, go for a trip to the top island destination for Thailand holidays, Koh Samui! Getting there is easy (even on the pocket). There are cheap flights to Koh Samui courtesy of Bangkok Airways. There are Thailand domestic flights and international flights to Thailand. Check out our website for more information.

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