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Hong Kong | Hong Kong Travel guide

Hong Kong’s changing skyline is unending toward its historically rich cultures and fascinating cityscape. As a metropolis with densely populated dwellers, Hong Kong calls itself one of Special Administrative Region of the Republic of China (the other being Macau). Globally connecting to many of the world’s cities, Hong Kong is all at once a major hub, essential port and global financial center. This Hong Kong travel guide has got you covered of places to visit and things to do in this one of the marvelous East Asian cities.

Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong at a glance seems to go no further than noisy urban sprawl with modern high-rises and trend-setting fashion outlet. But stay for a while and let the city unveil its best kept secrets. From sea mist on a placid mountaintop, the evergreen country park to the city’s farthest islands, Hong Kong surprises all its guests to wonder if they’re still in Hong Kong. The city today abounds with instagrammable places and long-standing historical sites.


1.Tai Mo Shan | Hong Kong Travel Guide 

Tai Mo Shan hong kong travel guide

Do not underrate Hong Kong just yet toward its natural wonders. For all hiking enthusiasts, the city is nothing short of amazing hiking trails and misty-covered hilltops. Having a quick look at the townscape, it is hard to believe that 40 % of its land contributing to parks and natural scenes for the city’s proportion. In the midst of those plenty, Tai Mo Shan, as one of the places to visit in Hong Kong, is one of them drawing trekking fanatics worldwide in the past few years.

Tai Mo Shan - Hong Kong Travel Guide

Rising at 957 meters with high humidity level, Tai Mo Shan is Hong Kong’s highest peak rewarding those who struggling up there with rare views of the city’s terrain shrouded in clouds and mist. This Hong Kong travel guide bets for Tai Mo Shan as the most sought-after instagrammable place so hurry up before other travelers find out about it, too. Any first-time visitors can take a taxi or minibus from Tsuen Wan district and get off at Chuen Lung, a historic rustic village at the foothills of Tai Mo Shan.


2.Victoria Peak (The Peak) | Hong Kong Travel Guide 

Victoria Peak The Peak peak tram hong kong travel guide

Hong Kong harbor is Manhattan of Asia by comparison. The only place to prove it right is Victoria Peak or The Peak. As one of the places to visit in Hong Kong, it only takes you a day just to witness the panorama, at the same time, reaffirms Hong Kong’s changing skyline. In fact, it is long ago that local Cantonese built the 120-year-old funicular railway departing from Garden Road terminus in order to commute passengers back and forth to Victoria Peak. The journey to absorb the city terrain begins from the Peak Tram along the way, especially on a clear day.

Victoria Peak (The Peak) - Hong Kong Travel Guide

Once reached the peak, other than encapsulating the picture-perfect Hong Kong, the viewing deck of Victoria Peak also presents its breathtaking waterfront. The peak houses several viewing spot – some paid, and some free. For those who have penchant to behold the city from the highest 360 degree view from the sky terrace, then this Hong Kong travel guide is turning the spotlight on ‘The Sky Terrace 428’ sitting atop of The Peak Tower with $11 fee apply. However, there really is another viewing spot to get almost the same view – the Peak Galleria, without paying a dime.


3.Avenue of Stars | Hong Kong Travel Guide 

Avenue of Stars hong kong travel guide

The Avenue of Stars makes fame for Hong Kong island even before travelers set foot here. Other than that, it reaffirms Hong Kong as the ‘Hollywood of the East’ modeled after the Hollywood Walk of Fame, California. Thanks to its befitting location along the Victoria Harbor waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui, the Avenue of Stars has always been in popularity inducing Asian travelers and ones father than that to be accustomed with the city’s famous sight before they’ve landed the island. As a result, they know already one of the things to do in Hong Kong.

Avenue of Stars - Hong Kong Travel Guide

While planning a trip to Avenue of Stars, it is good to know what’re expecting. A list goes for sculptures of Bruce Lee, McDull, Anita Mui and the Hong Kong Film Awards statuette. Pay more attention to 20 local movie star handprint plaques as this is where most of the photos checked in here came from. And if you’re not in a hurry, wait until 8 PM to witness ‘A Symphony of Lights’ show held daily which is the world’s largest permanent light and sound show according to Guinness World Records. However, this Hong Kong travel guide reminds all vacation planners that the Avenue of Stars is currently under renovation with its expected to reopen in February 2019.


4.Shopping Areas | Hong Kong Travel Guide 

shopping in hong kong central area hong kong travel guide

Many shopaholics fly off to Hong Kong island just to shop, one of the things to do in Hong Kong. Shopping spree sometimes unbelievably forms part of a pleasant holiday vacation. As this Hong Kong travel guide will not let you miss a place where a reason of visiting Hong Kong starts. Jot down some of the best shopping areas below on your travel itinerary if you’re after high-end luxury brands or budget street market items. For jet setters and brand fanatics, drop by Central area for upscale shopping experience with global brands and historic colonial buildings as backdrop.

Shopping in Hong Kong

Switching to busiest shopping ambience in Hong Kong, head to Mong Kok and bargains for cheap Chinese fashion, handbags, watches and a list goes on. For those who are fond of antiques, jade, silk products, embroideries, wooden handicrafts, pottery and places of art, do not hesitate to stop by Hollywood Road and Cat Street Bazaar. That’s not all, any shopper wishing to experience Hong Kong’s local market, Stanley is the place to be notable for large open-air marketplace situated in a pretty-pretty seaside town.  


5.Clock Tower | Hong Kong Travel Guide 

Clock Tower hong kong travel guide

Tell the world you’re now in Hong Kong by checking in at Hong Kong’s unofficial landmark. Follow this Hong Kong travel guide to the southern shore of Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. From ground to the peak, the Clock Tower stands iconically 44 meters, and is one of the places to visit in Hong Kong. Visually stunning whether day or night, palm trees in the park accompanied by city lights make the Clock Tower a should-not-missed instagrammable photo spot. Thanks to the materials it used to build, the Clock Tower delicately made out of red bricks and granite and is beautiful in uniqueness.

Clock Tower - Hong Kong Travel Guide

Standing over centuries, the Clock Tower was erected in 1915 as part of the Kowloon-Canton Railway terminus. Despite the days long gone of busy station, the Clock Tower continues with a purpose of preserving a Declared Monument and a memorable reminder of the Age of Steam. Beyond this fact, the Clock Tower involved some significant past events with millions of Chinese immigrants who passed through the terminus to begin new lives in and outside of Hong Kong.


6.Jumbo Kingdom | Hong Kong Travel Guide

Jumbo Kingdom - Hong Kong Travel Guide

credit : https://www.facebook.com/jumbokingdom1976/

For some, Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant is no longer a stranger proudly presenting Hong Kong’s iconic floating palaces. The imposing size of the larger floating restaurant deceives the eyes to believe that it is actually being floating on the water. The Jumbo Kingdom is decked out in traditional imperial Chinese style with dragons, stupas and remains red and gold tones throughout. This floating edifice has multi-storey structure symbolizing the greatness of the empire, prosperity and good fortune.   

Jumbo Kingdom - Hong Kong

The Jumbo Kingdom, without doubt by its size, is able to facilitate up to 2,000 diners. Being a tourist attraction in itself, the floating restaurant is a well-thought-out creation fulfilling all diners with shops and stores, entertainment and dining options. Apart from Cantonese delicacies, freshly-caught seafood is prepared ready to serve as well. Following this Hong Kong travel guide to follow the footprint of royalty, celebrities by dining at Hong Kong’s notable floating restaurant, one of the things to do in Hong Kong.


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