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Situated in Eastern Thailand, the province of Trat is a quiet neighborhood made of tiny and large islands that make up some of the famous Thailand tourist places. If you’re thinking of doing a Thailand travel adventure and want to veer away from the busy city of Bangkok, a few days in Trat is more than enough to enjoy a relaxing Thailand holiday!

Thailand Travel

To get you started on planning your Thailand vacation, we’ve listed down must-visit attractions and reasons why you need to take a trip to this Thailand destination that is beaming with Old -Thai charm and cultural heritage.

Why visit Trat

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As an archipelago made of beautiful beaches and rich coral reefs, Trat offers more than a picturesque Thailand travel destination. The surrounding natural beauty gives out a relaxing tropical feel that you can never get in the city. If you’re looking for the ultimate holiday location, let Trat surprise you with its overflowing charm and beauty for an unforgettable tropical vacation.

Mu Ko Chang Marine Park

Mu ko chang

A tour of the Mu Ko Chang Marine Park – one of the things to do in Trat will take you through Trat’s 52 islands, including the biggest – Ko Chang. The Mu Ko Chang Marine Park was started to preserve the islands’ natural beauty. And successfully, until today, most of the islands’ treasures are preserved. Aside from showing you clear blue waters and powdery white sand, your Thailand travel tour to Mu Ko Chang Marine Park will also take you to beautiful caves that await adventurous travelers.

Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Camp

ban kwan chang
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Spend a day with the gentle giants of the Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Camp when you spend your Thailand holiday in Trat. The elephant camp takes care of 10 elephants which you can swim with. You also have the option to do a trek while riding on the elephant’s back.

Wat Salak Phet Temple

wat salakphet
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A Thailand travel is never complete without visiting one of the many temples the country has to offer and in Trat, you should definitely include Wat Salak Phet Temple in your Thailand travel itinerary. Trat has some of the country’s most colorful temples and the Wat Salak Phet Temple is a great example. Its stunning architecture boasts the variety of colors used on the buildings and statues.

Klong Plu Rainforest

Khlong plu

Located in Trat’s largest island, Koh Chang, the Klong Plu Rainforest is another treasure you shouldn’t dare miss. Trek your way to the heart of the vast rainforest and find the spectacular waterfall also named Klong Plu. On your way here, enjoy the various bird species that call this rainforest their home. The trek is easy to manage with the help of ropes to safely plunge you into the pool beneath the waterfalls.

Koh Wai Island

koh wai

Take a short speedboat ride from the mainland to get you to the virgin Koh Wai Island. Its pure beauty and charm are untouched by modern world making it a perfect location for a tranquil vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
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