Budget Travel Guide: Backpacking Maldives

Enjoy tropical paradise on a budget with this Maldives travel guide.

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The Maldives is virtually invisible on a map, but on a travel guide or a travel blog, the country stands out for its heavenly beaches. 

With crystal clear waters, powdery white sand and pleasant weather year-round, one doesn’t have to wonder why this small Asian country—the smallest, as a matter of fact—has become one of the most desirable holiday destinations in the world.

While the allure of this paradise hasn’t dissuaded tourists from flocking to Maldives no matter the price tag, some are still apprehensive to book airline tickets to Maldives because of how expensive some resorts are. Then again, it’s actually possible to enjoy this dreamy country on a budget.

If a Maldives getaway is in your bucket list, here’s a quick travel guide that will help you backpack your way to paradise.

Watch out for flight deals

Your travel itinerary always begins with your flight details. As such, watch out for promotions before you go book flights online. Be proactive in your quest for flight deals and ask if they have ongoing promotions.

Visit during the low season

Any budget travel guide would know that this is one of the most important travel tips to remember. Not only are accommodations and tours cheaper during the low season, but you’d be enjoying less crowded tourist spots. The high season in Maldives runs from December to April, which ideally you should avoid. However, if you insist on traveling during these months, best to avoid Christmas, New Year and Easter.

It’s not always about luxury

If you’re in Maldives, most of your time will be spent relaxing on the beach, swimming in the ocean or exploring islands. With that, it’s highly encouraged to simply skip the luxury resorts. There are plenty of guest houses, lodges and inns now available that are more affordable. Then again, if you want to experience Maldives like a luxurious traveller, go on a day trip at a fraction of the overnight cost.

Ask around for budget tours

If island tours and excursions are in your travel itinerary, don’t be afraid to go around asking for the cheapest option. Most tours are arranged with guesthouses and inns, so do ask what’s included in the price. Some tours may include snacks or water.

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