8 Things to Do in Phuket in 2023

top things to do in Phuket

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As the largest and arguably most famous island in Thailand, Phuket is quite an interesting place. Whether you’re a resident or just a tourist/vacationer, there are places for you to visit and explore, sights to see, things to learn, food to taste, stuff to buy – in short, there are hardly any dull moments in this wonderful city, and we can assure you that staying busy and entertained isn’t hard.

In this post we’re just going to highlight not all, but just a few of the top things to do in Phuket this year. Let’s go!

Explore a Night Market

Phuket boasts an impressive number of night markets, and, whether you intend to shop or not, visiting some of them is a great way to spend your nights on the island.

things to do in Phuket

Some of our favorite night markets in Phuket include the Chillva Market where colorful shipping containers serve as shopfronts, and entertaining shows are offered in addition to wares; the Phuket Weekend market where you can find an amazing collection of items for sale; the Malin Plaza Patong popular for the variety of food it offers; and the Fun Friday Avenue Market where handmade items are abundant, and live music performances also take place.

What to do in Phuket

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Visit Wat Chalong Temple

top things to do in Phuket

There are several (about 29) Buddhist temples in Phuket which you can visit, and if you’d prefer to start from the largest and most popular, that would be Wat Chalong (or Wat Chai Tharam). 

The centre of faith for Phuket locals, this historical temple’s architecture can only be described as magnificent, and within the facility are golden statues and landscaped gardens that are a joy to behold.

Things to visit in Phuket

One thing you have to bear in mind before visiting Wat Chalong – which is open every day between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. – is the etiquette: your clothes have to cover your shoulders and knees; you must take off your shoes before entering the temple; and you have to behave respectably while in the temple complex.

Do Some Beach Hopping in Phuket

What to do in phuket

The beaches in Phuket are a big part of the reason why the island city is popular with tourists. You’d have a hard time finding beaches that are more picturesque anywhere else in the world.

best Things to do in Phuket

There are lots of cool beaches you can visit in Phuket even without leaving the mainland, and these include Surin Beach with soft, white sand as well as clear, calm waters; Patong Beach with a super lively, party atmosphere; Karon Beach with squeaky sand and a spectacular line of trees; Paradise Beach with lots of facilities for beach sports; and Freedom Beach for those who prefer a quieter or more peaceful beach environment.

Learn to Make Cocktails in Phuket

What to do Phukety

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One of Phuket’s best attractions is the Chalong Bay Rum Distillery. Here, residents and tourists come to sightsee, sample rum distilled from organic Thai sugarcane, and get an idea of how this rum is made. 

Things Phuket

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Beyond taking the offered 30-minute guided tour of the facility, you can participate in a 2-hour cocktail workshop which holds every day from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. to learn in more detail, what it takes to make rum. At this workshop, you’ll be given lessons on how to prepare three different cocktails as well as tapas, and by the time you’re done you’d have gained useful insights into the rum-making process.

Visit the Khao Khad Viewpoint


On Phuket island’s southeast peninsula there’s an impressively high and remote hill popularly known as the Khao Khad Viewpoint, but also called the Panwa Viewpoint as it’s situated in the Cape Panwa region of Phuket.

Activties Phuket

If you’re fit to do some climbing, and would like a rare, 360-degree view of the island, head to this two-level vantage point/observation tower on the hill that can be accessed by climbing 200 steps. There you’ll enjoy splendid views of Phuket town while facing north; turquoise sea waters and rugged outlines of the island’s southern coastline when facing south; and various beaches, islands, mountains and buildings while facing other directions.

Parasail at Patong Beach

Top activities in Phuket

While some find it a bit scary, parasailing is one of the most fun beach activities you can engage in. If you’ve never tried it, and would love to experience some adrenaline rush, this is an opportunity for you to do so.

Parasail Phuket

There are several tour companies that offer parasailing at the beautiful and bustling Patong Beach; and if you’re wondering what this water sport would be like, you’ll be secured to a seat which hangs down from a parachute tied to a motorboat; as soon as the boat starts picking up speed, the parachute will carry you along with it as it soars and sails behind the motorboat, giving you a thrilling air ride. 

Visit the Bang Pae Waterfall

Visit Phuket

Near the eastern coast of Phuket lies a lush forest which is home to the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park; and this park, in turn, hosts the biggest waterfall on the island – the Bang Pae Waterfall.

If you’re a big lover of nature, hiking through the forest to get to this 18-meter tall waterfall can be an exciting adventure; and when you finally get to it, you can admire the magnificent sight, swim in the rock pools, take nice pictures, and enjoy nature in serenity.

Visit waterfall phuket

Bear in mind that the ideal time to visit the Bang Pae Waterfall is during the rainy season (May to October) when the rock pools are deep enough to swim in. 

Explore the Phuket Trick Eye Museum 

Explore Phuket

Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/ARTrickEyePhuket

The Phuket Trick Eye Museum is a two-storey, optical illusion art museum designed not just to “trick the eyes” as the name implies, but also to stimulate imagination and creativity. 

This interactive 3D painting museum in Phuket Town boasts a gallery featuring up to a hundred scenes painted and sculpted on a flat background in such a way as to simulate amusing world-like situations which most people, regardless of their age, find fascinating and entertaining.

Find things do in Phuket

You’re sure to have a great time interacting with the detailed and realistic-looking scenes at this museum which is open every day between 10:30 a.m. and 8 p.m.; and remember to bring a camera so you can take cool photos as well. 

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