Bangkok Airways Lounge : Our top of the line service with comfort and class

Bangkok Airways Lounge

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As Asia’s Boutique Airline, Bangkok Airways continues its commitment to provide quality airline service to all its guests. Aside from their Bangkok Airport, it also flies passengers to and from its Samui Airport which boasts the same quality services and top-notch features.

Bangkok Airways

Positioning itself as gateway to a multitude of destinations, the additional airport at Samui gives more passengers the chance to step into dreamy vacation places and experience an adventure like no other. Starting with their outstanding airport services, guests are given the utmost attention and quality every time they choose Bangkok Airways.

The Samui Airport of Bangkok Airways started its operations on April 25, 1989. Built with the highest safety-standard equipment and the most modern communications, it aims to further provide quality airline service that can fly every traveler to different international and Thailand attractions. The Samui Airport was then upgraded to a custom airport on September 25, 1997 which led to additional improvements such as custom services, immigration facilities, additional direct flights to Koh Samui and new passenger terminals.

Bangkok Airways lounge is among the features of the boutique airline’s Samui Airport. It is the top of the line service which comes with comfort and class. Most commonly known as the Blue Ribbon Lounge, this is part of the Bangkok Airways’ Blue Ribbon Club’s exclusive features that will take their service to the next level.

With the Bangkok Airways lounge, passengers can relax in style and comfort before they board the plane to start their Thailand vacation. From complimentary snacks to refreshments and free internet usage, passengers are well taken care of to make sure they start and end their vacation with no hassle.

Bangkok Airways Lounge

Apart from the Bangkok Airways Lounge, the Samui Airport also has an open-air restaurant where passengers can sample the finest Thai dishes. Relax and enjoy authentic Thai massage in the Soul to Sole spa of Bangkok Airways. Meanwhile, there is also a post office and souvenir shop where travelers can buy postcards and other memorabilia for friends and family back home.

Take your Thailand travel to a whole new level by flying with Bangkok Airways. Experience what it’s like to travel without any worries. Here, you will not only fly in comfort and relaxation, you are assured of your safety as we take you to your dream destinations. Hurry and plan your next adventure with us! Visit our website today and check out Bangkok Airways promotion on select travel destinations!

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