5 Things You Need To Know About Koh Samui Airport.


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The first step of Thailand holidays is getting through the airports. If you’re a frequent traveler, you know the drill. Koh Samui Airport is not really different compared to other airports in terms of function. It’s where the plane lands, you get through security and customs, pick up your bag, and finally, start your holiday. But before you head over to paradise and start crossing off things to do in Koh Samui, you might want to know a few little facts that set Koh Samui Airport apart.

View of Koh Samui island from a nearby mountain with an airport strip and town in the background.
  1. It has a tropical resort look

Staying true to its tropical paradise character, everything in the island looks and feels straight out of a Thailand holidays postcard. Even Koh Samui Airport is not escaping the tropical resort vibe that’s going around. Once your plane lands at Koh Samui Airport, there’s only one thought that will cross your mind: you are now in paradise. The design of Koh Samui Airport takes advantage of its exotic island surroundings incorporating the coconut trees and wooden furnishing. Two terminals are open-sided and a lot of facilities are outdoors with the exception of few indoor rooms such as the airport offices. The architecture of Koh Samui Airport embraces the tropical paradise persona of the island and it sets them apart from the usual sleek, modern, industrial-looking airports you usually see.

  1. There’s a spa inside

Keeping up with the tropical getaway vibe, there’s a holiday staple available right inside Koh Samui Airport. Recently launched, spa services now await travelers for one last relaxing hurrah before boarding their flights. With the new spa services at Koh Samui Airport, you can make the most out of your Thailand holidays up to the last minute!

  1. Last minute grab and shopping at Samui Park Avenue

Samui Park Avenue is Koh Samui Aiport’s take on airport shopping. But instead of looking like a luxury shopping mall, Koh Samui Aiport’s stores look like an outdoor promenade. Stationed in an open space surrounded by coconut trees, Koh Samui Airport’s Samui Park Avenue has a wide array of stores and restaurants that will let you shop and dine while you wait for your flight in true Thailand holidays spirit.

  1. It is one of the busiest airports

Koh Samui Airport is currently the sixth busiest airport in Thailand. With over two million visitors in 2014, the volume of travelers is not stopping there especially with plans of making Koh Samui Airport Thailand’s hub for international visitors. There are a number of flights to Koh Samui at the moment but future plans intend to add more international direct flights to Koh Samui. A chunk of flights that land in Koh Samui Airport comes from Bangkok Airways which offers cheap flights to Koh Samui.

  1. It is privately owned and operated by Bangkok Airways

Since its construction in 1982 and opening in 1989, Bangkok Airways has operated Koh Samui Airport. Being privately owned, the majority of flights that occur in the airport are Bangkok Airways including cheap flights to Koh Samui and direct flights to Koh Samui from domestic and international destinations. Since its construction and operation, Koh Samui Airport opened the door for Thailand holidays in Koh Samui. Now everyone has a chance to experience different things do in Koh Samui. What are you waiting for? Book your holiday now!

Thailand holidays, especially in Koh Samui, are truly an experience you can’t pass. From the moment to step into Koh Samui Airport, you will enter a tropical paradise like no other. If you’re planning a trip to see for yourself, check out cheap flights to Koh Samui courtesy of Bangkok Airways. There are direct flights to Koh Samui available, both domestic and international. Visit their website <bangkokair.com> for bookings and more information.


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