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Da Nang

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Da Nang, the 5th largest city in Vietnam, is increasingly becoming a tourist destination for travellers who are looking for a quick and relaxing weekend getaway. The modern port city offers a number of scenic places to visit, ranging from long stretches of sandy beaches and mountain sceneries to majestic skyscrapers and bridges.

Below is a travel itinerary if you’re planning to visit Da Nang over the weekend. Once the flight deals are taken care of and all your bags are packed, just add in a little spontaneity and you’re set to go

Saturday Morning

Da Nang is home to China Beach. You can get your first taste of the city by checking in one of the hotels in My Khe Beach.  My Khe, the northernmost stretch of the China Beach where most locals and fishermen flock together in the morning, offers stunning views of the sandy shores that are lined with nipa huts. The beach is mainly deserted during the later morning hours. Tourist can play beach volleyball, kite surfing, and more. After playing and taking in the sights, seek some travel advice or recommendations of the locals on which Da Nang restaurant will let you truly experience local delicacies.

Saturday Afternoon

Hire a travel guide or driver to take you to your next stop: the Lady Buddha. The majestic Buddha towers over Chinese-style buildings and overlooks the picturesque beaches of Da Nang. This tourist attraction definitely deserves a spot in your travel bucket list.

Saturday Night

There’s nothing like enjoying a steaming cup of coffee by the Han River and marvelling at the sight of the brightly lit bridge. The nearby Dragon Bridge is also a breathtaking sight during the night.


If you’re looking for some action and wanting to have a sweat session while you’re on vacation, trekking the Bach Ma National Park is the way to go. The national park not just offers the raw beauty of nature, it also a place where you can discovery rich history and unique biodiversity. Travellers who want to explore Bach Ma National Park have a couple of trails to choose from. The Rhododendron trail might require you to have a guide as some parts are quite technical. The Pheasant trail, on the other hand, is a 5-km walk from the entrance. This track will take to the forest where nice vegetation and rare birds can be spotted.

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