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Vietnamese foods’ distinct yet perfectly balanced flavours have been featured in travel magazines and travel blogs numerous times. Vietnam has amazing tourist places that boost their tourism industry, but the mouth-watering dishes are definitely among the country’s selling points. For starters, a steaming bowl of Pho or a plate of Vermicelli topped with fresh herbs should definitely be added to your Asia travel bucket list. Below are 6 well-loved dishes that will make you want to book airline tickets and catch the next flight to Vietnam pronto.


You might have heard Pho from a well-travelled colleague who reserves airline tickets on a monthly basis or read it in countless “travelling tips” articles about it being a must-try dish in Vietnam, and understandably so. This simple dish is packed flavours, consisting of beef broth that took hours to make, rice noodles, and beef or chicken toppings. Topped with fresh herbs and green and white onions, Pho simply gives comfort food a whole new meaning.

Bo La Lot

Many corner restaurants in Vietnam are filled with the smoky, mouth-watering aroma of this vegetable dish. Bo La Lot consists of ground beef that are seasoned with fish sauce and garlic, then wrapped in betal leaves, and grilled over a charcoal flame. The must-try dish is best served with ground peanuts and cilantro.

Com Tam

Com Tam, literally translated as “broken rice”, is a hearty dish that is best served with different types of meat. Whether you’re having it with barbequed pork chop, pork steak glazed with fish sauce, steamed pork and egg patty or shredded pork skin, this Vietnamese staple will surely satisfy your taste buds. To finish the plate, diced green onions are sprinkled on top of the meat.

Banh cuon

The soft and delicate dish is made by steaming scoops of rice flour-based batter and covering it with a lid for a few seconds. Then, it’ll be transferred to thin sheets and filled with minced pork and mushrooms. Topped with deep-fried shallot bits, the staple certainly looks as yummy as it tastes. It is best paired with nước chấm sauce to enhance the flavour.


You have probably seen this simple yet delicious Vietnamese dish in numerous travel sites and publications that feature Asian cuisines. The translucent spring rolls are deliciously filled with greens, herbs, and shrimp or pork. You don’t need a travel guide to take you to a restaurant that serves GOI CUON spring rolls as almost every region serves their distinct version of the dish.

Banh mi

As a piece of travel advice for tourists who want to grab a quick snack while walking around a fast-paced city like Saigon or Hanoi, go for an easy-to-prepare yet filling sandwich like Banh mi, which you can find in many stalls and corners of Vietnam’s major cities and towns. This sandwich has scrumptious fillings that are wrapped between baguettes, which have a light and crusty texture. The fillings consist of soy sauce, butter, cucumber, pickled daikon sprouts and carrots, coriander, and chilies (optional).

Experiencing Vietnamese cuisine is a great way to soak up the local culture. Book airline tickets now and experience Asia at its finest. For more travel tips, discount airfares, and airline tickets, go to Bangkok Airways website and check out the amazing deals and airline tickets the Asia’s leading airline offers.

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