Kitesurfing in Samui: which places to go and when to surf?

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Kitesurfing (or kiteboarding), a combination of surfing and paragliding, is such an alluring water sport; it triggers the body’s feel-good chemicals which produce a sense of euphoria, and gives you an adrenaline boost. It’s also a great way to live in the moment, refocus, and reconnect with nature.

Koh Samui, one of Thailand’s best holiday destinations, stands out for kitesurfing enthusiasts because its beaches are like no other; its sea temperatures hardly fall below 26°C all through the year; and its winds are mostly favorable. 

If you’d like to experience the kitesurfing Koh Samui offers, then read on; we’ve got lots to tell you.

Best Time to Kitesurf in Samui

For many, the best time to enjoy kitesurfing on the tropical island of Samui is from November to February. This is the high season when the weather is dry, with an Easterly wind blowing. The wind at this period is somewhat light (about 10 to 20 knots), consistent and ideal, especially for first-timers who want to master the sport in sheltered conditions within the reefs that ring part of the island.

However, it’s always a good idea to verify first with the kitesurfing provider before you make a booking, as wind and weather conditions may vary unexpectedly.

Top Kitesurfing Spots in Samui

As you get ready to take advantage of the opportunities for kitesurfing Koh Samui provides, here are the best kitesurfing spots to keep in mind.

Maenam Beach

Kitesurfing Beaches Samui
Tropical Hua Thanon Beach on Koh Samui in Thailand.

Beautiful, spacious, tranquil and usually very clean, Maenam is one of the most popular beaches in Koh Samui. Thanks to its steady winds, calm waters, and long sandy stretches, the golden beach is a favorite among seasoned kite-surfers. It also offers great views of the neighboring island of Koh Phangan.

Nathon Beach

Kitesurf Koh Samui

Located in Surat Thani Province within Nathon, this beach with turquoise waters, nice sand, and trees which give it a natural shade, is easily accessible and uncrowded during the high season. It also has a relaxed vibe, and the entrance to the water is very smooth. All these features make it perfect for beginner kite-surfers.

Lamai Beach

Stretching for several kilometers on Samui’s east coast is Lamai Beach, popular for its powdery white sands, tall palm trees, a vibrant kitesurfing community, and interesting events. Off this beach is a deep central stretch of water great for kitesurfing, and all the amenities you’d need are available locally.

Getting Started: Kitesurfing Lessons in Samui

Samui Kitesurf

Are you new to the sport? Then you definitely can do with some lessons before you start enjoying the kitesurfing Koh Samui is visited by many tourists for.

Several reputable kitesurfing schools are present on the island, offering both beginner and advanced courses designed to follow the same standards as those of the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO). A typical beginner course will teach you what kite size and type is best for you; how to set one up; how to handle it; how to enjoy the sport safely; etc.

We recommend the KBA Kitesurfing School which teaches at Nathon in the summer, and right next to The Ocean Resort in winter; as well as the Mahalo Kiteschool which operates out of Shiva Resort from the middle of November until March ending.

Usually, a beginner’s course will last for up to three days, and cost around 15,000 THB.

Equipment Rental & Purchase

Kitesurf Samui
Kitesurfing in the beautiful sea and clear blue sky. Kitesurfer in action on clear blue tropical water. KOH SAMUI ISLAND THAILAND

At both the KBA and Mahalo, you can easily rent all the equipment you need to enjoy the kiteboarding Koh Samui offers, as both new, and used equipment is always available.

If you’d rather buy your own equipment, there are also specialized shops around the island where you’ll get the guidance you need to do so. Here are some helpful equipment purchase tips you could use:

  • Consider your skill level; if you’re a beginner, ask for a beginner-friendly kite that is more stable and forgiving.
  • Don’t buy a surfboard that is too small for your size.
  • Board type also matters as much as size; a Freeride or Allrounder board (with a moderate rocker and flex) is recommended for beginners.
  • Buy a harness that really fits, and feels most comfortable to you, to avoid pain, discomfort or other issues while kitesurfing.
  • Examine all equipment carefully, and test if possible before you purchase.

Safety Measures for Kitesurfers

As you prepare to immerse yourself in the fun sport that is kitesurfing, safety should also be at the top of your mind. To ensure a safe Koh Samui Kiteboarding experience:

  • Don’t kitesurf alone, especially as a beginner.
  • If you’re not a beginner, and have no option but to surf alone, be sure to have a means of calling for help in case of an emergency.
  • Always wear a helmet and life jacket.
  • Always use a safety leash.
  • Check the weather conditions and tides before you begin.
  • Also double-check to ensure your equipment is sound.
  • Never ride out further than you can swim back.

Local Kitesurfing Communities & Events

A good way to enhance your experience in the sport is to join a local kitesurfing Koh Samui group. By doing so, you get to interact with a community of like-minded people, and during such interactions you’ll learn more about the sport.

Kitesurfing events, competitions and social gatherings are organized on the island annually by various kitesurfing communities, and being a member automatically gives you access to such fun outings, too.

Accommodations Near Kitesurfing Spots

From budget hostels to luxury resorts, Samui offers a wide variety of accommodations which are conveniently close to kitesurfing spots. Some of these even have special packages for kite-surfers, including equipment storage and transport.

Some kitesurfing-friendly accommodation you can check out near KBA Kiteboarding School include the Siam Residence Boutique Resort, Viva Vacation Resort, Lipa Lodge Beach Resort, Four Seasons Resort, and Anahata Resort.

For those close to the Mahalo Kiteschool, try Ammatara Pura Pool Villa, The Hive Hotel, Thai House Beach Resort, Samui Jasmine Resort, and Bonny Hotel.

Thanks to beautiful beaches, consistent winds, and a vibrant community, the opportunities for kitesurfing Koh Samui offers are not to be missed. This destination is just ideal in almost every way, for beginner as well as pro kite-surfers. So, plan your trip right away, and get ready to soar in ecstasy over the waves of Samui! 

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