Phuket Island: A Great Place To Spend Your Holiday

Phuket Island

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Don’t you just love it whenever it is December? Aside from the coldness that slowly fills the air, it is the festive season we’ve all been waiting for, indeed the most wonderful time of the year. Different countries have their own way of celebrating Christmas that actually depends on their culture and perhaps the religion. Meanwhile, Thailand is predominantly a Buddhist country but Phuket Island has embraced Western Christmas traditions.

Phuket Island

With this, spending a Phuket holiday might be the best thing you will ever have. You have tons of things to do in Phuket and a wide range of entertainment options you can choose from during Christmas. Whatever you choose, you are assured that you will find anything that could cater you.

Some may prefer their holidays cool but in Phuket Island, you get to experience the perfect balance of weather. Phuket weather during the month of December is not too warm nor too cold because during this month, the temperature starts to drop which makes it a perfect time to visit the island.

Phuket Island

Phuket beaches are no doubt some of the best in the world and activities like snorkeling, diving, jet skiing, and surfing are given. However, there are other Phuket attractions and activities you could try and explore. Possibly, watching the Cabaret show at night or the local Thai kickboxing at Bangla Boxing Stadium would be a new thing you could venture.

Phuket Island

At the end of the day, find the perfect place from the vast options of hotels in Phuket. Most of the accommodations have twists and special offers during Christmas! After a tiring day, you may also pamper yourself with a traditional Thai massage or savor the local Phuket food. Remember to book ahead of time to make sure you have your seat.

With countless choices of entertainment and activities in Phuket Island, you are sure to have a day full of fun. Also, they say that it is the best time to visit Phuket so what are you waiting for? Spend the holiday and make the last days of your 2018 memorable in the island. Look for flights to Phuket at Bangkok Airways and book now!

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