Trat Airport | One of Thailand’s Best Airports in a Tropical Style

Trat Airport

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Trat Airport

Introducing Trat Airport to the list of Best Airports in Thailand where its tropical surroundings blend harmoniously with the vibes of seaside city of Trat.


Trat Airport is only a 20-minute ride away from the ferry pier to Koh Chang, offering vacationers the most convenient transportation to access all the wonders from the East of Thailand.

Swim with elephant

Not only Koh Chang National Marine Park are there to explore, but a cluster of virgin islands are still much to be discovered such as Laoya island, Wai island, Kood island, Mak island, Kham island, Rang island, Kradad island and to name a few.

Trat local town

For those who’re enough with the island life, then make your journey through the eastern-most province of Trat. Here you can strolling around the local community, biking through the town to see antique wooden houses, and imbue with ambience from the old days as if you were trapping in the 60S.

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Now you know what will be expecting you in Trat and its neighborhood. Let’s walk through Trat Airport first and see why it deserves a spot for one of Thailand’s most quaint airports.


Trat Airport is a privately-owned airport operated by Bangkok Airways. The airport is open from 06.00 – 22.00 hrs (Local Time).

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As one of the perks for Bangkok Airways passengers, all are welcomed to recline in the airline lounge with complimentary appetizers and beverages. Before leaving, make sure that you grab a bite of Khao-Tom-Mat (Steamed Banana Sticky Rice Wrapped in Banana Leaves).


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Not only its bite-size that appeals to most passengers, but the flavor packed with goodness, rich and sweet, but not too sweet, makes it one of Thailand’s most beloved and original desserts.

(Read more about the story behind Khao-Tom-Mat at Bangkok Airways)


Enjoy browsing the internet with free WiFi provided.


Bored of waiting to board a flight no more as passengers can use desktop computers available for free.


Keep yourself updated with latest news at the reading corner in Trat Airport.

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Book direct flight from Bangkok – Trat only at

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