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Down for a holiday in Phuket soon? The main reason why tourists go to Phuket Island is because of its beaches that are really known by many. Since the island is certainly big, one of the problems when people travel to Phuket is going to and from the Phuket attractions, may it be the beaches and the town itself. But, don’t worry because there are many transportation options for you to explore Phuket and not miss anything. To find out more, continue reading below!


Phuket Island

Songthaews are the cheapest and most common mode of Phuket transportation. These are mini trucks with wooden benches that travel on almost all routes especially if you’re from Phuket town and you want to go to beaches. There are actually no bus stops for songthaews but you can catch most of them at the city of Phuket near the Fresh Market along Ranong Road.


Phuket Island

Yes, the picture above is a tuk tuk in Phuket. They are minivans usually in red or yellow color. The tuk tuks in Phuket doesn’t look like the famous three-wheeled tuk tuks you can see in Bangkok and other parts of the country. The reason is because those three-wheeler tuk tuks won’t survive the slopes of Phuket Island. It is not metered though so you should negotiate the price before the trip to make sure you won’t pay larger than you should!


Phuket Island

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If you are having doubts in choosing a taxi for transportation in Phuket, don’t! In contrary to what most tourists think, metered taxis are actually cheap but dependable mode of transportation in Phuket. Remember that a metered taxi is different and actually cheaper because there are other modes of transportation that can cost you so much like renting a regular car with driver. However, these metered taxis are difficult to find on the roads and there are only a few of them. Despite this, riding the taxi is more comfortable and safer than other mode of transportation. Worry not because you may ask your hotel to call a metered taxi and you can find them at the airport too.


Phuket Island

Motorcycle are one of the options if you want to wander around Phuket because they are easily available for rent in Patong area also around the hotels located away from the beach. They are at a reasonable price and even negotiable for discounts. Just don’t forget to examine the vehicle first and wear helmet so you won’t be charged for pre-existing damages.


Phuket Island

Obviously, a boat is used if you want to go from one Phuket beach to another. You can haggle for a reasonable price especially if you are with a group. Be careful because most of the boats are not equipped with lifejackets.


Phuket Island

If you have a budget to rent a car for your Phuket travel, you may opt for this option. Most car rental services includes a driver that can serve as a tour guide too which would be convenient for you. There are several car rental companies in Phuket that you may check out.


If you are planning to visit Phuket Island soon, keep in mind that they lack in effective public transportation. Fret not for you already read the article and you know now the options you can try for traveling around the island. If you are looking for flights to Phuket, you may check out Bangkok Airways. Have fun wandering!

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