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Thailand is a country filled with so much history and art. And if you are planning to visit Thailand, what should definitely be part of your Thailand travel is a visit to Sukhothai.

A UNESCO World Heritage City that is a home to many historical sites and temple ruins. So if you’re up for some trip down memory lane and want to have knowledge of the rich culture and heritage, your travel to Sukhothai will be worth it.

Note the following attractions for your travel guide to Sukhothai.

  • Old Sukhothai Historical Park

The capital of the Sukhothai kingdom which began in 1238 was the Old Sukhothai Historical Park located in the north-central Thailand. In its whole 70 sq km, the park boasts of the unique Sukhothai style of decoration, inspired from the Khmer and Sri Lankan influences.

Divided into 5 zones, where the central zone was considered the priority and royal part of the city. The 4 outer zones namely the north, south, east and west zones all have separate admissions and less crowded compared to the central zone.

You can find 21 temples in the local zone, and it’s better to go make your way around all these temples by using a bike you can rent. You will be able to find the greatest temple in the central zone which is the Wat Mahathat, considered as the spiritual focus of the city and its king.

Best time to visit the park is in the morning where it won’t be as hot as it will be later in the day. Visitors are also advised to wear light clothing and bring water to keep you from dehydration from all the walking.

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  • Sangkhalok Museum

Aside from visiting temple ruins, when you travel to Sukhothai, make time to go to their museums like the Sangkhalok Museum. Ceramics is ancient Sukhothai’s well-known product and export which you can find in Sangkhalok Musem, also a perfect place to give its introduction.

A stunning Thai collection of pottery and pieces from Vietnam, China and Burma can be found in the ground level of the museum, while the second level holds some non-utilitarian pottery, plus some beautiful and unique Buddha statues.

  • Dream Café

One of the places to visit in Sukhothai is the Dream Café where you can enjoy excellent meals.

Aesthetically pleasing furniture, friendly staff and of course, good food is what you can expect in Dream Café located in Sukhothai.

A must-try is the well-executed yam, Thai’s salad counterpart. Also give their freshwater fish dishes a go and have a taste of their local specialty.

  • Wat Saphan Hin

Make sure to visit this Buddhist temple when you travel to Sukhothai that can be found 3km west of the past city wall and has an excellent view of the Sukhothai ruins.

In the main road going to the Wat Saphan Hin, you can see the standing Buddha Image called Phra Attharot that stands 12.t metres high, also showing the “dispelling fea” posture with its left hand palm facing upwards.

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