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Krabi, with its dense mangrove forests, sheer and craggy limestone cliffs, as well as an impressive number of awe-inspiring offshore islands, is one of the most scenic provinces of southern Thailand.

This amazing coastal town is also a haven for tourists and adventure seekers, and you can spend a whole vacation unveiling the unique charms in or around it. The following is a glimpse of some of Krabi’s best attractions you absolutely don’t want to miss during your tour.

Krabi’s Hidden Gems: Top Places to Explore and Visit

Hong Island

Top place to visit in Krabi

Hong Island (Koh Hong) is a beautiful island about an hour away from Ao Nang Beach. Best visited between January and April, this destination boasts spectacular beaches with really soft sand; clear waters that are great for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking; hidden lagoons with shoals of colorful fish; a jungle trail; plus, an incredible viewpoint accessed by climbing 415 steps.

Relax, enjoy a picnic here, and take lots of nice photos. The three other tiny, neighboring islands are worth a visit as well.

Visit Krabi Elephant Sanctuary

Places visit in Krabi

Spend some exciting hours at this natural habitat where rescued elephants are well taken care of by friendly and professional staff. You can take pictures, feed, walk with, bathe, and observe the adorable elephants as they roam around, socialize, and bathe naturally in the sanctuary’s fresh water lagoon. 

Overall, this first ethical elephant tourism center in Krabi offers an amazing and unique experience not to be missed.

Wat Tham Suea

Visit Krabi

Wat Tham Suea, or Tiger Cave Temple, is a significant religious site, and a must-see tourist attraction on a mountaintop.

If you’re physically fit, take on the challenge of hiking 1,260 steep steps to this Buddhist complex best visited in the early morning hours, and enjoy awe-inspiring views of the surroundings, including an overgrown jungle valley featuring a maze of natural caves. There are also archaeological findings like stone tools and pottery remains to admire. Remember to dress lightly, bring some drinking water along, and watch out for the monkeys!

Bamboo Island

Where to go Krabi

One of the 6 islands belonging to the small Phi Phi archipelago, Bamboo Island (Koh Phai) is a tropical paradise surrounded by nice white sand, with lush vegetation – mostly consisting of bamboo trees – at the center.

A great time can be had at this destination snorkeling in the emerald waters, and admiring the superb coral reefs near the shore. A small bar provides tasty snacks and drinks.

Maharaj Market

The Maharaj Market (or “Morning Market”) is a large local market within a roofed building right in the heart of Krabi Town.

Especially vibrant early in the morning (6 a.m. to 9 a.m.) as the name implies, it offers a wide variety of cheap, fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, local condiments, meat, fish and eggs. You can also get some wholesome Thai food here for breakfast. We recommend you wear slippers or old shoes as the floors are always wet.

Visit the Contemporary Art Museum of Krabi

What to visit in Krabi

Take a peek into the cultural and artistic landscape of wonderful Thailand at the Contemporary Art Museum of Krabi. This place showcases local artists and traditional Thai artefacts, and the exhibits include masterpieces by many renowned Thai artists. Those who appreciate a blend of traditional and contemporary art will be at home here.

Koh Poda

Krabi Top Places

Part of the Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park, Koh Poda is a small, palm tree-covered island close to the popular Ao Nang Beach. It’s almost completely ringed by a beach with soft white sand, and the water is incredibly clear. The huge stone cliffs in the sea make for magnificent scenery, and the coral reef about 20 meters from the beach of this uninhabited haven brims with a variety of interesting sea life.

Phra Nang Cave 

Where to go in Krabi

Kill two birds with one stone by exploring this cave adjacent to one of the finest beaches in Thailand – the Railay Beach with clear emerald waters and soft, powdery sand. 

The cave network itself is gorgeous, full of phallic offerings of varying shapes, sizes and colors, and you can check it out before/after having a good time at the beach. Spectacular views of nearby islands and some of the most amazing, climbable rock formations make this location even more appealing.

Krabi Weekend Night Market

Krabi at night

This authentic, low-key market at the roadside just by the pier, with little stalls and restaurants, is a great place to relax and spend a weekend night. There are lots of perfectly cooked food like Thai omelet to eat; nice cocktails to drink; locally produced goods including nice souvenirs to purchase; and even concerts and live music to enjoy.

Blue Dragon Cabaret Show

Blue Dragon Cabaret Show

The original transvestite show of Thailand, which takes place at Center Point, Ao Nang, has, over the years, attracted millions of viewers, and we think you’ll find it fun and entertaining. Enjoy the music, dancing, and other performances at this cultural show.

The passionate performers in beautiful and colorful costumes are really a joy to watch, and for a tip you can take a picture with them at the end of the show.

Check the latest show on their Facebook page.

Chicken Island

Named after its unique rock formation that looks like the head and neck of a fowl, Chicken Island (Koh Gai) features steep cliffs at one end, and beautiful beaches at the other. 

This extraordinary location offers excellent snorkeling opportunities in clear water that’s rich in marine and coral life; and, at low tide, a huge white sandbank emerges here, making it possible for you to stroll across to the neighboring Tup Island which, though small, is also worth checking out.

Tab Kak Hang Nak Hill Nature Trail

Tab Kak Hang Nak Hill Nature Trail

A great way to exercise while spending time in nature, inhaling fresh air, and admiring local flora and fauna, is to hike this Tab Kak Hang Nak Trail to the summit which is 500 meters above sea level.

Though challenging, this 4-kilometer hike which starts just a few meters ahead of the Amari Vogue Krabi resort is absolutely worth it in the end, as the views of Krabi from the summit is absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. Be sure to put on some good hiking footwear, and carry at least a liter of drinking water.

These locations and best attractions in Krabi are just a good starting point for your adventure, and the city offers a lot more charms to unveil.

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