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Bangkok is a city that offers more than just its rich history and delectable cuisines you can’t forget. It is also home to a number of unbeaten tracks,

which anyone can consider an adventure to make a Thailand vacation one for the books.

If you think you’ve seen all that Bangkok has to offer, think again! Our travel itinerary to Bangkok will make you see this city in a new perspective, hopefully one that will keep you coming back to this metropolis of everything that is strangely beautiful and captivating.

The Human Body Museum

Let us start our travel itinerary with a museum. Museums have many different artefacts, photos, paintings, and many more that tell a lot about a city or country’s history.

Located in Siam Square, the Human Body Museum is a sight to see for travellers who are into morbid finds. All the way from Japan, there are 14 dissected human bodies showing different parts that are preserved and exposed for everyone to see. Though it can be a little freaky to go and see an exhibit of this kind, the fact that it is located in the Faculty of Dentistry at the medical university of Chulalongkorn, it can somehow be seen as an educational exhibit.

You can visit the Human Body Museum from Monday to Friday (Except national holidays) 10am to 4pm.


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Sathorn Unique Ghost Skyscraper

The Sathorn Unique Ghost Skyscraper was among the major developments which started construction in 1990, the time the economy was booming. It was supposed to be a luxury residential development. The unpaid debts and other money problems caused the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, where construction of many developments were stopped including that of the Sathorn Unique Skyscraper.

This 50-storey tower has an eerie feel, which led to people saying the rooms in this property are hunted.

Though this skyscraper has been off limits to people and illegal for anyone to go inside, just looking at it from afar can give you just the right amount of cryptic feel.


Nightingale-Olympic is a time-frozen department store filled with dangerous and dusty artefacts. Xylophones, lawn chairs, electric guitars and lathe machines are just a few of what you can find inside Nightingale-Olympic.

Don’t take too much time on one “department” as the fitness, music and taxidermy departments await visitors, so make sure to budget your time wisely.

Photography isn’t allowed inside this department. You can find Nightingale-Olympic at Saphun Phut Near Pahurat Road

Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden

This unique and strange garden depicts the torture one can go through in Buddhist hell.

Despite gruesome views, there are families that visit this garden. In accordance to the “Traibhumi Phra Ruang”, after a Buddhist dies, four celestial beings will study the dead’s record of good and bad deeds. If the good deeds outweigh the bad, the person goes to heaven, but a dead person will be punished if he or she has more bad deeds than good ones.

The said punishment depends on the sins that have been committed but most of these are tortures that are depicted in the garden. The Buddhist hell has 136 stops where the dead can be reborn from each of these stops.  But once a person is sent to Loganta, a special pit stop for people who have physically beaten their parents or a monk, will remain in this stop until a new Buddha is born. Travelling by bus to Wang Saen Suk will take about 2 to 3 hours from Bangkok.

Now you have your travel itinerary for some of the unique Thailand attractions, you are ready to go! Check out cheap airfare to Bangkok and special promotions available in Bangkok Airways website. There are also other Thailand travel guide available one the website that can be helpful on your next travel adventures!

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