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Thinking about flying to Bangkok soon? We’re pretty sure you’ve found travel blogs and magazine write-ups about all the amazing things you can experience in Bangkok. But before you get to this vibrant city, make sure to have an adventure of a lifetime by reading about these travel tips for first time tourists in Bangkok!

Have a good map to guide you around

Bangkok can be a little confusing especially for first time visitors. To easily get to the travel destinations around the city, you will need a handy map to guide you around. Finding a good map is a treasure since it will feature Bangkok’s commercial and business districts and important landmarks and hotels as well. Look for a Bangkok map with English and Thai street names. This will help avoid wasting time and getting lost.

Haggle nicely

Part of experiencing Bangkok is shopping through a number of night markets, thrift shops and shopping malls. If you are shopping in night markets or anywhere in Bangkok where products don’t have barcodes, you are entitled to haggle, but do it nicely. You wouldn’t want to get into a confrontational situation with the locals so start haggling with a smile and ask nicely for the best possible price.

One of the travel tips while shopping is to walk away if you don’t think the price is reasonable, most likely, they will call you back and give you your price.

Water is your best friend

Thailand is one of Asia’s tropical countries where you can expect extreme heat at times. Important travel tip when you are in Bangkok is to bring with you a water jog to keep you hydrated all day long. Keep in mind to drink more than you sweat. A trip to the hospital is never fun especially when you’re on vacation so remember to pack with you a water jog or buy from a drinks vendor.

Travel tips

Keep away from scams

Before you fly to Bangkok, pretty sure you’ve already planned your travel itinerary which includes Bangkok’s most famous tourist attractions. Sadly, this is also where shameless individuals take advantage of tourists.

One of the usual scams travellers get when in Bangkok is “the Grand Palace is closed today” scam informed by a smiling Thai approaching you. Once the tourists are informed, the smiling Thai will recommend a different travel destination you might never have heard of before. A useful thing to remember when in Bangkok: a Thai approaching you when you are in the street wants more than just a little chat.

Book an organized tour

You want to make the most out of your visit to Thailand? Book an organized tour. It is inexpensive and the best way to explore all that this great city has to offer. Organizers will most likely be maximizing the day to let you experience and visit everything there is in Bangkok.

Use the MRT & BTS

Thailand streets can get really busy and trap you when going around. To keep you from getting stuck in traffic, use the always reliable BTS & MRT. Both can make past traffic as they pass above and beneath the head to head traffic in the city.

Carry a photocopy of your passport

When you are travelling in a foreign country, it is important to keep an ID with you at all times. This is especially true when you are in Bangkok. You will never know when a Thai policeman would ask for your identification card for whatever purpose so make sure to have it photocopied from fear of losing your passport.

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