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Wat Jong Klang

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Thailand is a versatile travel destination that holds so much history, culture and beauty. Aside from its stunning tropical beaches and bustling capital city, a travel up north in the province of Mae Hong Son is a must-try Thailand travel experience for those in search of serenity and pristine natural surroundings. Read through today’s travel guide and discover why Mae Hong Son is among the Asia destinations that should be part of your travel bucket list!

Get to know Thailand’s Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son is one of the places to visit in Thailand. Located in the north-westernmost province and about 368 kilometers away from Chiang Mai, it is a peaceful town surrounded by high mountain ranges.

As one of the famous Thailand attractions, Mae Hong Son maybe lacking in terms of modernity but is very much abundant when it comes to exquisite natural beauty. It’s an Asia destinations where waterfalls, forested caves and hot springs are some of its famed tourist attractions.


The quiet small town of Pai situated just a little outside of Mae Hong Son is a famous Thailand holiday destination especially for backpackers. The endless mountains surrounding Pai makes you feel like you’ve been transported to your own peaceful world. White-river rafting and bamboo rafting are exciting water activities adrenaline junkies can enjoy. Hiking, trekking, exploring natural hot springs, ethnic hill-tribe villages, waterfalls and even the town center’s souvenir shops are also other activities you can enjoy during your stay in Pai.


Padong Longneck Village

The Padong Longneck Village is another Thailand attraction situated about 1.5 hours from the town of Mae Hong Son. Here you can find local hill tribe members that still stretch their necks using golden rings. This practice is done by girls starting at 4 years old where they add in more rings until they are 25 years old.

Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Song Loop

One of the best ways to take in the beauty of Mae Hong Son is by following the Mae Hong Son Loop route. You can rent a motorbike and ride through the mountains and the stunning countryside. Don’t forget to stop at the waterfalls and other attractions along the way.

Wat Jong Klang

Right in the middle of Mae Hong Son Town you can see the gold and white Buddhist temple Wat Jong Klang. Inside this are 100-year-old glass Jakata paintings and a museum that is home to 150-year-old dolls from Burma.

Wat Jong Klang

Pha Bong Hot Springs

For relaxation, head over to Pha Bong Hot Springs which is located 11kilometers south of Pha Bong’s Shan Village. You can get here by riding any southbound bus from the city.

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